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“Innovative logistic solutions that fit seamlessly into our Shared Smart Factory.”

Rob Goossens — CEO, Technologies Added

Oldenburger|Fritom manages the entire supply chain for Technologies Added, offering innovative logistic solutions as advanced production logistics and customized freight management of Technologies Added partners. “To be able to offer sustainable solutions in this Industry 4.0 age, an innovative logistic partner is of the essence. Our strategic partnership with shared interests, contributes to new knowledge and insights”, CEO Rob Goossens commented.

Technologies Added is the first Smart Factory in the Netherlands and houses in the former Philips plant on the industrial estate in Emmen. In cooperation with Chezz Partners, a private equity firm, beginning 2018 a unique concept for the production industry was launched. Its mission: offer a home base to SMEs and startups who want to stay in control without having to invest in brick & mortar to house their business. At Smart Factory they can share innovative facilities, which in their turn form the base for advanced Industry 4.0 solutions. By producing close to their market, they take into account their ecological footprint as well.

“By the end of 2017 Technologies Added went looking for a renowned solution provider with a track record in Smart Logistics. In other words, a strategic logistic partner who is constantly focused on innovative logistic services. Not only for production logistics but also to manage the entire logistic supply chain of our partners. We found this global logistics provider in Oldenburger|Fritom.”

Running on data as its so-called fuel, Oldenburger|Fritom offers the partners of Technologies Added real-time access to track orders and traceability of their shipments. Data are continuously analyzed and used subsequently for continuous improvement, like stock optimization and an advanced business analysis tool to analyze relevant order data. Oldenburger|Fritom also manages the entire online supply chain for Technologies Added partners, combining its high-quality standards and innovative ICT-facilities.

As a logistics knowledge organization, Oldenburger|Fritom works closely with various educational institutions in the region. In this way, knowledge is shared together with Technologies Added. By offering internships and on-the-job trainings, future colleagues will gain experience with innovative logistics in an Industry 4.0 network.

Rob Goossens – CEO, Technologies Added:

“Because Oldenburger|Fritom, like Technologies Added, focuses on sustainable innovation, we can offer our partners tailor-made smart logistics solutions. We reinforce each other by sharing our knowledge and our network as well as gaining new experiences.”

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Frans Andeweg
General Manager and Supply Chain

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