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Oldenburger|Fritom is your air freight specialist with our own site at Schiphol-Rijk and a global network. We are Regulated Agent and IATA member. On top of that we also have the AEO status: AEO-C (customs) and AEO-S (safety). Because of this, Oldenburger|Fritom is known as a reliable business partner and therefore always gets a preferential treatment at customs. Making the delivery times of your air freight shipments noticeably shorter when entrusted to us.

The air freight specialist of the Northern Netherlands

Thanks to our logistic expertise when it comes to air freight shipments we are known as the specialist of the Northern Netherlands. To optimally fulfill this role, we are located at Schiphol-Rijk. Making it possible to handle and guide your air freight shipments even better. This way our flexibility and shortest delivery times are ensured.

Oldenburger|Fritom is also an IATA member. IATA (International Air Transport Association) is an international trade organization and is the lead agency to coordinate affiliated airlines. Our IATA membership makes it possible to book your air freight shipments directly with these airlines.

Regulated Agent (Known Consignor)

Oldenburger|Fritom is also a Regulated Agent or Known Consignor. Authorized by the Royal Military Police in The Netherlands. It brings a lot of benefits to you as our customer. We are, for instance, authorized to issue Security Declarations ourselves. We do this in a designated Security Area.

To guarantee the safety of your shipments, employees have followed a special training program:

  • Security Advisor
  • Inspector

Being a Regulated Agent prevents the need of pre-screening at the airport, saving you time and money.


Your advantage of our AEO status

Strict international safety regulations were put in place after the 9/11 attacks during 2001 in America. These include international trade. Companies working internationally are therefore screened more strictly, something which can cost you valuable time. Resulting in the European Union creating the AEO certification in 2007.

Companies that are AEO certified are checked by customs beforehand. Marked reliable, they are checked less vigorously when shipping across borders. Oldenburger|Fritom is not only certified for air freight shipments but for all its freight management solutions for:

  • AEO-C (customs simplifications)
  • AEO-S (security)

Our AEO status makes it possible for your shipments to be handled quickly and flexibly:

  • Less customs controls (physically as well as documents)
  • Preferential treatment when picked out for inspection
  • On-site inspections by appointment
  • Simplify shipments designated outside the EU

Let us organize your air freight quickly and professionally

Marienus van der Laan
Commercial Manager

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