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The employees in our logistics knowledge organization make all the difference. That is why investing in human capital is a core value of Oldenburger|Fritom. Each year we invest over 3 percent of our total wage bill in education and training. Each day, our aim is to strive for operational excellence according to the Lean Six Sigma method. This means that customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. We organize several personal leadership trainings a year to support our employees in achieving this.

A knowledge organization according to Lean Six Sigma

Oldenburger|Fritom follows the continuous improvement principles in its striving for operational excellence according to the Lean Six Sigma method. We are constantly working on improving and optimizing our customer service in a sustainable and innovative way. We are focused on what you, as our customer, find the most important, like shortening lead times and creating added value. We strive for optimal service in achieving customer satisfaction each and every day.

Belt certification

Mastering the Lean Six Sigma method is a combination of theory and its application in our day-to-day business operations. This combination shows in the different Lean Six Sigma levels and accompanying belt certification:

  • Master Black Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Yellow Belt

The highest level that can be achieved within Lean Six Sigma is Master Black Belt. The Lean Master of Oldenburger|Fritom is our in-house expert. He is responsible for the technical supervision of the method within our organization. He also makes sure we are self-sufficient in developing Lean Six Sigma knowledge and training.


Expertise in logistics

Oldenburger|Fritom’s knowledge center revolves around our Black Belts, Green Belts, Orange Belts and Yellow Belts. They have the logistics expertise when it comes to transportation, warehousing and supply chain management. Our supply chain engineers can analyze each and every detail desired of your logistics processes. They ensure an optimal and complete supply chain by professionally integrating all the successive chains.

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset

We create the right balance between personal development and collective ambition by organizing several training sessions in personal leadership a year. During these training sessions our employees become more aware of their mindset by gaining insight on how the brain works. We stimulate the growth mindset in our company. The training sessions are focused on:

  • Customer focus
  • Communication
  • Organizational commitment
  • Being open to change
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