Our Certifications

Thanks to our certifications we can focus on customer needs and the same goes for the needs of our other stakeholders. The multiple certifications Oldenburger|Fritom in Veendam holds, leaves room for innovative logistic solutions. Our extensive quality system consists of level 4 of the CSR performance ladder and the AEO-C and AEO-S licenses. We also meet several ISO standards and use the 7 quality principles of the ISO 9001 certificate:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Involvement employees
  4. Process-oriented approach
  5. Ongoing improvements
  6. Decision-making based on facts
  7. Business relationship management

Quality Management in your supply chain? Oldenburger|Fritom is ISO 9001 certified:

ISO 9001 certificate | Veendam (NL)

The environmental management system ISO 14001 is a globally recognised standard. It is aimed at controlling and improving environmental performance:

ISO 14001 certificate | Veendam (NL)

In order to guarantee a pleasant working environment Oldenburger|Fritom is certified according to ISO 45001. This enables us to limit potential health and safety risks in a systematic way:

ISO 45001 certificate | Veendam (NL)

Oldenburger|Fritom focuses on continuous improvement according to the Lean Six Sigma method. That is why we are certified according to ISO 13053-1. The DMAIC cycle is central to this:

ISO 13053-1 certificate

ISO 22000 is the global standard for food safety management. Our ISO 22000 management system describes all details of our work processes. You can view our certificate here:

ISO 22000 certificate | Veendam (NL)

On the basis of ISO 22000 we have also obtained the FSSC 22000 certificate. This certificate is an addition to ISO 22000 and contains additional measures and requirements:

FSSC 22000 certificate | Veendam (NL)

Oldenburger|Fritom is certified according to ISO 13485 for medical devices. The ISO 13485 certificate shows that we meet the highest requirements in this area:

ISO 13485 certificate | Veendam (NL)

Oldenburger|Fritom is GDP-API registered (EudraGMDP). This means we are authorized to store active ingredients of medicines in Veendam and distribute them worldwide. The registration shows that we maintain the quality of these substances in the supply chain:

GDP API Registration | Veendam (NL)

In order to guarantee sustainability in every logistic process Oldenburger|Fritom is also certified according to level 4 of the CSR Performance Ladder:

CSR Performance Ladder Level 4

BREEAM is the most widely used assessment method for determining the sustainability performance of buildings. In 2018, Oldenburger|Fritom has built the most sustainable DC in the Netherlands according to BREEAM Outstanding:

BREEAM Outstanding certificate | Veendam (NL)

Because we have the AEO-C and AEO-S authorisation for customs simplifications and security, we have implemented strict measures in our security management. View our certificate here:

AEO-Full certificate | Veendam (NL)

With the IATA certificate we have the extensive knowledge required to organize air freight. We thus comply with the IATA procedures and guidelines:

IATA certificate

Our combination of certifications allows us to focus on customer needs and the same applies to the needs of our other stakeholders. Appropriately, we are certified according to the Transport & Logistics Quality Mark:

Transport & Logistics Quality Mark

GMP+ focuses on the safety of animal feed in the supply chain. Oldenburger|Fritom is part of this supply chain, because of our road transport solutions. You can view our GMP+ certificate here:

GMP+ certificate

Oldenburger|Fritom is an accredited work placement company. Because of this accreditation we are authorized to provide internships and apprenticeships to VET-students:

Accredited work placement company

Do you want to know more about our certifications?

Pieter de Jong, Continuous Improvement Manager Oldenburger|Fritom Logistic Solutions

Pieter de Jong
Continuous Improvement Manager

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Certifications Oldenburger|Fritom Veendam (NL)

Oldenburger|Fritom is a Lean Six Sigma company.
Oldenburger|Fritom is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 13485, ISO13053-1.
The distribution centers of Oldenburger|Fritom in Veendam are certified according to BREEAM Outstanding and BREEAM Excellent.
CSR Performance Ladder, Level 4, Oldenburger|Fritom in Veendam.
Gdp Api Registered Oldenburger Fritom
FSSC 22000 certificate Oldenburger Fritom.
Oldenburger|Fritom in Veendam is AEO-full certified for customs and security.
Global logistics provider Oldenburger|Fritom is IATA member.
Global logistics provider Oldenburger|Fritom in Veendam is certified according to the Lean and Green Star.