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Are you curious to know how our business partners experience our logistic solutions? Here you can read several testimonials of them.


“We found an important strategic partner in Oldenburger|Fritom, who enables us to build on our mission while improving our service level. Partly because of this, we have seen our sales increase in the countries where Oldenburger|Fritom handles our logistics.”

The Experience of ESKA
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“In the collaboration with Oldenburger|Fritom, Pyroll chose a stable partner that helps us achieve our goals for the present and in the future.”

The Experience of Pyroll

Top Dutch Solar Racing

“We see Oldenburger|Fritom as a very valuable, interested and committed partner. A very nice company to work with. In everything they do, you can tell they are passionate about their business and willing to try new things. No matter what, Oldenburger|Fritom was willing to help, sooner rather than later.” 

The Experience of Top Dutch Solar Racing

Remco Ruimtebouw

“Oldenburger|Fritom and Remco Ruimtebouw are each other’s equals in customer focus: we both want to give our customers peace of mind from beginning to end.”

The Experience of Remco Ruimtebouw

Peinemann Veendam

“Peinemann Veendam and Oldenburger|Fritom formed a partnership after solid and intensive contact, giving both parties a great deal of flexibility. Because of this we can react quickly to what happens in the market.”

The Experience of Peinemann Veendam
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Total Hair Service

“To further professionalize our delivery cycle, we chose for an intensive cooperation with Oldenburger|Fritom. By choosing Oldenburger|Fritom we chose for a highly skilled partner in logistic systems and processes.”

The Experience of Total Hair Service


“From the moment an order is placed until delivery to our customers: Oldenburger|Fritom takes care of our entire online supply chain. Thanks to their high-quality e-fulfillment solutions we can focus on our core business: to start ‘the juice revolution’.”

The Experience of Versapers

NHL Stenden University

“Together with Oldenburger|Fritom we train our students to become sustainable logistic managers. In this way we develop education that matches the demands of the logistic industry.”

The Experience of NHL Stenden University


“In the past various interfaces were made between the WMS of WICS and various systems of Oldenburger|Fritom’s customers, like SAP. Because of this, Oldenburger|Fritom is able to offer ‘paperless’ processing to its customers. Not only very efficient, but also perfectly in-line with its sustainable business strategy.”

The Experience of WICS

Bekaert Combustion Technology

“Quality and (delivery) reliability are important pillars to Bekaert Combustion Technology. Oldenburger|Fritom takes care of both in an outstanding professional matter.”

The Experience of Bekaert Combustion Technology
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Mindset Company

“Oldenburger|Fritom is always working on innovating and personal development. Others say they do, but Oldenburger|Fritom actually does so. They are unique in terms of company size. Neuro leadership and a growth mindset culture is globally used by huge organizations like IBM, HP and KPMG. Oldenburger|Fritom has been part of this group for quite some time now.”

The Experience of Mindset Company

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