Pieter Klungel is Manager Logistics and Backoffice at Pyroll in Winschoten, the Netherlands.

“Ingenuity and leading by example are the characteristics of Oldenburger|Fritom.”

Pieter Klungel — Manager Logistics and Backoffice, Konvertia (2020)

For Konvertia is the logistic service provider is the last part of the chain between a company and its consumer market. This chain is therefore of the utmost importance to Konvertia to be able to achieve its own objective: meet its customer agreements. “When choosing a logistic service provider, we look for a long-term partnership. We see Oldenburger|Fritom as a representative of our company. Our partnership is therefore mostly based on mutual respect and trust”, says Manager Logistics and Backoffice Pieter Klungel.

Konvertia is based in the Dutch city of Winschoten since 2015 and is part of a Finnish family business. The company profiles itself as the custom cutting service center for the paper- and carton industry. Besides Winschoten, Konvertia also has branches in Baienfurt (Germany), Stryków (Poland) and Siltakylä (Finland).

Konvertia offers her services to producers worldwide, who want to serve the European market fast and efficiently. To make this happen, Konvertia processes around 450 tons of carton from Finland on a daily basis. These paper board rolls are cut into smaller roles or sheets. The semi-finished product remains the property of the customers. Konvertia enables their customers to create more differentiation in their offers.

“Konvertia's goal is to make its customers successful, therefore quality, flexibility and reliability are high on our priority list. Our company is customer focussed and has a flat organizational structure with short communication lines. The same goes for Oldenburger|Fritom. That’s why our partnership commenced in 2008. 

Konvertia is at the end of the production phase for the end user. Therefore, the company wants to work at, at least, the same quality level as her clients. Oldenburger|Fritom has become the fastest growing logistic service provider with a sustainable European transportation network over the last decades. This extensive network is a perfect match for Konvertia goals.

Pieter Klungel – Manager Logistics and Backoffice, Konvertia (2020):

“In the collaboration with Oldenburger|Fritom, Konvertia chose a stable partner that helps us achieve our goals for the present and in the future.”

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Commercial Manager of Oldenburger|Fritom Logistic Solutions.

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