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Gonnie van Alphen is director at the Mindset Company.

“One of the very first SMB companies in the Northern Netherlands embracing neuro leadership and a growth mindset.”

Gonnie van Alphen — Director, Mindset Company

Responsibilities and authority are found and handed to as many levels within Oldenburger|Fritom as possible. Stimulating the entrepreneurship of all employees. Together with the Mindset Company, Oldenburger|Fritom aims to find the perfect balance between personal development and collective ambition. “Since 2010 Oldenburger|Fritom has focused on integrating (coaching) leadership as part of her ‘continuous improvement’ program in which all its employees participate. During several sessions throughout the year they discuss 4 themes: customer focus, communication, organizational commitment and change”, director Gonnie van Alphen explains.

Gonnie van Alphen has helped companies with developmental, transitional and transformational processes since 2001. In April 2016 she founded the Mindset Company. She supports both leaders, teams as well as individuals in how to become a better version of themselves. According to the Mindset Company organizations recognize their own thinking patterns - their mindset - when they understand how the brain actually works.

Helping employees to better deal with challenges, pressure, stress and negative emotions. They also learn to realize that they have better success in achieving their goals by giving something a second try, after they failed. This stimulates a more positive mind flow and helps employees to grow in coaching and leadership. And helps them to better maintain contact with each other and others.

Over the course of years Oldenburger|Fritom deepened their leadership from coaching to more personal  leadership coaching. Because of her expertise in learning organizations and behavioral change, Gonnie supports and guides employees of Oldenburger|Fritom towards a growth mindset culture. Which is an effective way to stimulate passion, wellbeing and performing. This resulted in Oldenburger|Fritom’s management and employees living up to its fullest potential. Making themselves sustainable, offering innovative solutions helping the company to flourish.

“From the very first moment I noticed that both management and employees are open to new experiences and are busy with innovation. Thanks to the knowledge of the functioning of the brain, it’s therefore no surprise that education, development and change are embraced. Both management and employees are curious and eager to know how the brain functions, how to use that knowledge in daily business operations, to give substance to developmental programs and take part in guiding colleagues.

Gonnie van Alphen – Director, Mindset Company:

“Oldenburger|Fritom is always working on innovating and personal development. Others say they do, but Oldenburger|Fritom actually does so. They are unique in terms of company size. Neuro leadership and a growth mindset culture is globally used by huge organizations like IBM, HP and KPMG. Oldenburger|Fritom has been part of this group for quite some time now.”


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